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B/W liquid level controls provide complete, versatile solutions for liquid level and process control. 
A B/W Controls system consists of three main components; the control relay (controller), level sensor (electrode or float), and the electrode holder. B/W Controls also offer continuous level monitoring with readout, custom and standard control panels, and other accessories for a complete process control solution.

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Control Relays

B/W Control Relays are designed for liquid level sensors and are available in several styles.  Versatile, reliable relays for pump control, sensing circuits, long distant and alarm applications.   

                                        UL and CSA recognized

Level Sensors and Holders

B/W liquid level contact sensors are available in a variety of styles and materials, any length, including: solid rod, wire suspension, gland plug, float switch, and others. Materials from stainless steel to titanium and other specialty metals are available. Electrode holders come in a variety of styles for pressurized or non-pressurized environments. For more information on selecting sensors and holders go here

SPECIAL NOTE: The Unifloat interfaces directly with PLC's up to 12 level points.
1500 Series Induction Relay
Induction Relay Key Features

  •     Rugged, less vulnerable to power surge
  •     Available with 1, 2 or 3 contacts
  •     Contact arrangements can be added or changed in the field
  •     All contacts rated 25 Amps at 120V/240VAC/480V

5200 Solid State Relay Key Features

  •     High sensitivity control for liquids with       high specific resistance
  •     Level control over a long distance
  •     Double pole double throw contacts
  •     Wide variety of liquid applications

5400 Plug-in RelaysKey Features

  •     Compact plug-in style
  •     UL recognized component
  •     easy to adjust
  •     Direct or inverse operation for fail-safe control
  •     Heavy duty internal construction

             Note* - 220V option no longer available. 
5600 Solid State Relay Key Features

  • Compact, low cost
  • Single pole, double throw
  • Low energy sensing circuit
  • Ideal for vending, beverages, food, 
          ice-making machines 
Key Features

  •     Ideal for non-conductive liquids, hostile     environments
  •     Polypropylene float, PVC cable
  •     Operating temp up to 160 F

Key Features

  •     Ideal for non-conductive liquids, 
              hostile environments
  •     Polypropylene float, PVC cable
  •     Operating temp up to 160 F

Key Features

  •     Single float for up to 12 sensing levels
  •     Ideal for nonconductive liquids
  •     U.L. Recognized
  •     2" or 3" Pressure-tight holder
  •     Interfaces directly with any PLC
  •     Easy to install and adjust
  •     Reliable
5200 Solid State Relay
5400 Plug-in Relays
5600 Solid State Relay
Solid Rod and Wire Suspension Electrodes
Float Switches
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Engineered Equipment And Controls

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Electrode Holders and Plugs 
Key Features

  • Flange, conduit
  • Pressurized, Non-pressurized

Special Purpose Electrode Assemblies 
Key Features

  • Made To Order
  • Variety of conductors
  • Bare or Insulated

Control Panels 
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